Fabienne Claesen

Recognized ceramist, Fabienne Claesen embarked with great success on painting. When we discover the paintings of Fabienne Claesen, we can recover without hesitation her mind: she paints with clay on paper, marouflages herself her paintings which become real drums, insofar as her work is perfect and her words then used for her sculptures often resonate for her paintings as well: figurative, distorted, freely treated work - traces of life, lived traces - Fluidity of the body. From these suggested, sometimes intertwined figures, escape an unrivalled pleasure and an unrivalled sensuality. Fabienne Claesen writes: "The body moves, Capture a movement, then another, Capture the emotion, Transcribe your feelings, Dare, do not be afraid, Live the moment intensely, and take what I feel, Set order and disorder, Go from the primitive to the organized". And she quotes: • "I shall draw a line and it will be life", Hokusai says. • "Draw a line is not a simple matter: the heart must be large and empty", answers a Chinese proverb. • And Georges Braque declares: "I like the rule that corrects emotion, I like the emotion that corrects the rule".

Exhibitions and competitions 2013 BEGRAMOFF Gallery Brussels Capazza Gallery "On edge", Paris/Nançay (FR) 2012 Capazza Gallery "On edge", Paris/Nançay (FR) personal expo, Claudine Legrand Gallery, Paris (FR) 2011 DTR Modern Gallery, Boston (USA) Gallery Capazza "On edge" Paris / Nançay (FR) personal Expo, Claudine Legrand Gallery, Paris (FR) 2010 Foundation P&V - Citizenship Award (2 sculptures for Jacqueline Rousseau and Guido Verschueren) personal expo Claudine Legrand Gallery Night Art, Knokke Capazza Gallery "On the road again" AAF Brussels d'Haudrecy Gallery, Gallery Garden Garden Brussels Petit Montmartre, Brussels Open doors at the workshop d'Haudrecy Gallery, Knokke (permanent artist) 2009 AAF (Affordable Art Fair) Brussels the "Fundamental Principles" - Capazza Gallery d'Haudrecy Gallery, Knokke (permanent artist) Foundation P&V sculptures for the citizenship awards (Kif Kif and the Territories of Memory) Claudine Legrand Gallery Gallery de l’Ô, Brussels The spring of arts 2008 Expo "Black & White" - CAPAZZA Gallery (permanent artist) Foundation P&V, sculptures for the citizenship awards (J.Devos-S. Susskind) d'Haudrecy Gallery, Knokke (permanent artist) 2007 30 years CAPAZZA Gallery (permanent artist) SASSI-MILICI Gallery, Vallauris (Fr) (permanent artist) Visual intervention - workshop with dancers-choreographers Zam Ebale and Benoit Finaut Expo - kunstwinkel Schimmert (NL) Expo - Gallery Indigo à Damme Expo - Prinsenhoek Gallery, Limbricht (NL) 2006 Expo with Ph Poulsen - House of Arts, Conches (FR) Pure Klei - Keramiekcentrum de Tiendschuur à Tegelen (NL) Expo De Kunstwinkel, Schimmert (NL) Klein Art Gallery, Paris (FR) (permanent artist) Gallery 21, Uzès (FR) Gallery 21, Brussels (permanent artist) Markets of Ceramics, Swalmen & Milsbeek (NL) European Makers Gallery, Amsterdam (NL) 10th Biennial of Ceramics - public's Award Andenne Visual intervention on the students of the Higher National Institute of Performing Arts (INSAS) 2005 European Makers Gallery, Amsterdam (NL) Klein Art Gallery, Paris (FR) Gallery 21, Brussels Expo Prinsenhoek Gallery, Limbricht (NL) Beeldentuin Atelier De Kreet, Zevenbergen (NL) Art Fair, Den Haag (NL) Kunsthuis Ingrit Desmet Galerie Olyako, Wavre 2004 LINEART Expo, Gand Art E vent, Lille (FR) Expo Prinsenhoek Gallery, Limbricht (NL) Etienne Dewulf Gallery, 1ste Internationaal Keramieksalon 9th Biennial of Ceramics, Andenne Markets of Ceramics, Swalmen, Braschaat, Milsbeek & Gmunden Keramischer Dialog Zwischen Kontinenten, Schloss Gallery, Landeck (AT) 2003 LINEART Expo, Gand Galerij «Nabij», Kockengen (NL) «Keramiek uit eigen land» Kunsthuis Ingrith Desmet, Vichte 3de Zomerfestival van de Keramiek «Ook dit is vierkant Belgisch» IHAM-Galerij, Anvers «Een keramisch dialoog tussen Twee Continenten» Galerij Van Mensel, Zelem Halen Stichting de Kopermolen, 10 Belgian ceramists, Vaals (NL) 2002 LINEART Expo, Gand 8th Biennial of Ceramics, Andenne Kunsthuis Ingrith Desmet, Heule (Kortrijk) Expo with Tjok Dessauvage, galerij Marc Van Meensel, Zelem Halen Market of the ceramics, Swalmen, Milsbeek & Gmunden 2001 Cooking meetings Pierre Gallery, Paris (FR) Kunsthuis Ingrith Desmet, Heule (Kortrijk) "Blauw" Galerij Marc Van Meensel - Zelem Halen Galerie Rooyart, Venray (NL) Study and training Cooking meeting in the wood – La Borne 2007 Cooking meetings - La Borne/Bandol 2001 Meeting with D. de Montmollin in March 2000 Enamel internship with H. Severijns in September 1999 Internship "glazed earthenware" with A. Hurlet and D. Miller in July 1998 5th international meeting of ceramics EARTH OF THE SOUTH at Borne in 1996 Seminar with Yang Seung-Ho in 1996 Internship with the sculptor Véronique Choppinet in 1995 Internship with the ceramist Patrick Picarelle in 1994 Graduate in sculptural ceramics from the Academy of Boitsfort, Prof. J. Leyman Graduated interior designer from St Luc in Brussels, in 1981