'Where Women Wear Nature' - Bryn McConnell - 2 juin > 7 octobre 2016 - BB Space 982 ch de Waterloo 1180 BXL

BEGRAMOFF Gallery is pleased to present on the walls of 'Be Beauty' a series of paintings by Bryn McConnell, a young American painter, on the theme 'Where Women Wear Nature'.

McConnell could belong to a category of painters called "pop spiritual feminists" but her works are also influenced by modern art, either German Expressionism, Symbolism or Fauvism. She is inspired by fashion photography used in advertising campaigns of any kind. She finds there archetypal images in the meaning of Jung, i.e. universal symbols whose meaning is unconsciously recognized.

McConnell accepts and even encourages the intervention of the unconscious in her creation mode. It is in this way that she creates, from Roberto Cavalli commercials of 2011, two paintings - "Three (Daft Punk)" (on display as part of this exhibition) and "Three (Wild Horses)", each representing a trio of women who, after a brief analysis, prove to be an archetype in the history of religion and mythology: the "triple goddess", known in neo-paganism to represent girl, mother and old woman. In the paintings of McConnell, the power of Archetypal symbols of history contrasts with the transient nature of fashion, the trends of which change from season to season and from year to year.

Furthermore, the paintings of Mc Connell contain considerable energy that makes us feel a great freedom. The perception of this energy is the consequence of the use of colours of extreme intensity and liveliness of the brushstroke. Note also that the brushstrokes in and around the subjects are of equal strength, which marks the presence of the character rather than its description.

McConnell defines energy as mind. She paints the immutable spirit rather than the body, a physical shell that fades with time. The painting "Balzac" is a fine example of this idea. She was inspired by a photograph of an old woman wrapped in a fur stole, by Juergen Teller, referring to the famous Rodin sculpture, first derided and considered as grotesque, then deemed the major work of the sculptor. Because it represents more spiritual beauty than outer beauty. In the footsteps of Rodin, McConnell emphasizes more the spiritual realm of the women she paints rather than their plastic beauty and elegance expressed in photographs of fashion magazines.

The works on the theme "Where the women wear nature" were carried out in summer 2013, while McConnell was participating in an artist residence in the country ("CAMAC" – France). The influence of the environment will escape no one. We recognize the abstractions of woman in motion in nature. These women are strong and exalted, whether alone or in groups, represented upside down or almost invisible.

McConnell has exhibited in solo or in group in Europe (especially in BEGRAMOFF Gallery) and the USA (especially in Greenberg Van Doren Gallery, Perry Rubenstein Gallery, Frontrunner Gallery in New York). McConnell was born in 1979 in Washington and lives and works in New York.

2 june > 7 october 2016
2 june 2016