Charlotte Meignan & Martine Rolin


Charlotte Meignan-Rolin and Martine Rolin - Work in 4 hands
Mother and girl, Charlotte Meignan-Rolin (Belgo-French) & Martine Rolin (Belgian) are fascinated by the image. Both studied Photography (within a thirty years interval), Martine with eminent photographers such as Janine Niepce or Jean Pierre Sudre, Charlotte at the school of art layout and at the school 75. Both of them practice photography individually but during their small escapades 'Mother-girl', they feature themselves in the places they visit. Thus the idea to photograph walls, memories of cities, allowed them to create intimist short stories while reliving moments of enjoyment and emotion.
Charlotte Meignan-Rolin and Martine Rolin have never exposed together and it is a scoop in the gallery BEGRAMOFF to show their works beginning of 2018.