Eric Guena

Eric Guena, been born in 1953, is an architect (DESA) and has a PhD in Esthetics and Sciences of the art. He also did several training courses of restorer of Japanese and Chinese art. In the years eighty, on the occasion of his numerous journeys in Eastern countries, he learned about the technique of Sumi-é (India ink on paper) and the work of the gold leaf. Thus we find the alliance of eastern and western influences in his work and this participates in the singular atmosphere, which lives in each of his paintings. During the 2000s, Eric Guena started to be interested in Abstraction. He created his abstract work with the principles used for his figurative work favouring the thickness of the pictorial material, the opposition of colours, their transparency or their matt effect. The main subject theme of these abstract works is the ‘Environment’ natural or transformed by Humanity. Thus, during these last years several, his international exhibitions had for theme the water, the grass, the leaf, the earth seen by the sky and the scares due to human activity on the earth.