Born in to Etampes (1949), Fronza entered in the very young honorable Boulle school in Paris to study the engraving and the s jewellery. Attracted by painting, he pursues his learning in the Fine arts School of Paris and begins to make real choices for his future. Very attached in Paris, he settles his studio in this city and worked there for 40 years. Dedicating his life to painting, he also realised monumental wood carving for state and private commissions as well as wood engravings of large formats. As an insatiable researcher, he spends his life to be creative, moving forward to new paths. His paintings evoke worlds where live bursts at the same time poetic and close to certain violence, making us fall over in an illusion of depth of field. He borrows from the reality elements which he transforms in order to lead us towards a more internal and secret world with suggestive and emotional power. In his paintings, Fronza draws lines between spots, suggestive forms and the imagination opens its doors, in strong oppositions of tones which make vibrate the colour. All these bright atmospheres are revealing a sparkling world, where the enthusiasm is totally mastered and in this World, Fronza takes us towards the mystery, the poetry and the weird. Fronza participates in many art fairs and exhibits his work in galleries in France and abroad.