The exhibition ' VIBES ' of Bettina KUSEL groups abstract works and representational works. This exhibition speaks about feelings (Vibrations, Waves, Atmosphere) and leads us in the imaginary world of musing and metaphors appropriate to Bettina Kusel where the subjects confront some with the others and associations are of most daring and most improbable.

' VIBES ' as vibrations which pierce of sweetness everything on their way.
' VIBES ' elementary as a quantum.
' VIBES ' as "being alive," to feel the life ' and thus ' to understand her ".
' VIBES ' as colors which dance.
' VIBES ' against the indifference.

Bettina KUSEL
Born in 1965, Bettina Kusel, was raised in East Berlin then lived in Paris, Luxembourg & Philadelphia within a very active artists' community. Today she lives and works in Brussels - Belgium.
Pro of the creative thought, a PhD on the evolution of the economic thought in the pocket, Bettina Kusel likes stacking, mixing, splitting up the immediate, spontaneous and not verbal reflection and the abstract thought. Her creations in the shape of associations reveal the innate sense of things, reveal their real character and sharpen the spirit of each of us.

Marianne Bernecker (ESAAT Roubaix, ENSAV BENDS HER(IT)) writes:
Bettina trägt eingefleischte
Bildererfahrungen aus ihrer
Die, obwohl überlagert von jahrzehntelangem Jugendzeit in sich
Leben in anderen
Kulturen, sich bei vielen ihrer Arbeiten auf ganz eigene art breitmachen, ohne dass sie das unbedingt heraufbeschworen hätte.
Dann ist ihre Arbeit am besten.
( Translation
Bettina carries experiences and images of her childhood and youth (in East Berlin) which, even buried during decades of life in other cultures, emanate in a very particular way from her works. Most of the time, these influences appear in Bettina's works in a not deliberate way. It is at these moments when her artistic creativity reaches its paroxysm).

14 november 2016 > 27 january 2017
15 november 2016