Unlimited Poetry

Exhibition organised in collaboration with ArtVista (invited Artists: Daphne Gamble - Anne Coujaud - Jean-José Ferreira-Lopès)

The exhibition ' unlimited Poetry ' recites the poetry of the limits of each of the presented artists. They have in common the use of the line, the line which separates, divides, and structures the space. But each of them defines its limits and his/her own world.

For Daphne Gamble's limits seem to concern elements of architecture but beyond the architecture, she describes a world in each of her various works. The multiplicity of her structured works reveals that her world is in reality unlimited.
For Anne Goujaud, the lines in combination with a palette of stimulating and undoubtedly joyful colours and some empty spaces show that her limits seem infinite. Infinite in the sense, where there is, in spite of structured assemblies, numerous empty space within which we can lose our reason and return to the basic metaphysic concerning Infinity.
For Jean-José Ferreira-Lopès, it turns out that his limits concern essentially his material of creation, the papers which he uses. Beyond this material limit, his creativity does not stop, reminding us that we belong to a big world and that each of us and each event in the life leave indelible traces.

These three artists expose regularly in international fairs

Daphne Gamble
Born in 1956 in United States, Daphne Gamble uses painting as medium and will not change her mode of expression, even sometimes against the main stream.
She writes: 'my work is performed around architectural elements: edges of window, details of a façade…. The space and its structural elements are gathered, restructured, widened or restricted, to create a simplified, bare and personal composition. '

Anne Gougaud
Born in 1954 in France, Anne Goujaud works for several years with the same enthusiasm for painting and engraving.
Isabelle Gozard writes (extract): ' Anne Goujaud invents combinations. She fits curves and vertical lines, looks for the sensual delight in the subtle accumulation of colours, forms and empty spaces which rhythm to the work'.

Jean-José Ferreira-Lopès
Born in 1965 in Poitiers, France. He was interested in Art very early in his life but he entirely dedicated his life to Art in 1996 and then he started to exhibit his works.
His favourite medium is paper. He uses papers of any origins and in diverse, virgin or printed forms. He colours them, discolours them, cuts them, tears them, sticks them, scratches them, deletes some parts of them and combines them. He mixes numerous techniques, painting, drawing, collage, and engraving. These combined technics produce an intimism works full of poetry, lightness and gravity.

13 November 2017 > 26 January 2018
16 November 2017